The Green Pride to our Clean Cause

Innovations and technology are part of everyday life today. From heavy machinery to cleaning chemicals, a number of products and services are created to reduce human effort and make tasks convenient. But as economies prosper, the impact on the environment is side-lined. The world needs a holistic approach to pave a pathway to sustainable development. In short, ‘Green’ is our future!

Green products, technologies, equipment and services are the need of the hour. Each individual’s choices matter to ensure a secure future for the planet. GreenPro is a certification system that aids environmentally conscious customers to make an informed choice. The certification, launched by CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, facilitates the positioning of a product as eco-friendly. It also tells users that they have picked non-toxic, carcinogen-free products.

The GreenPro certification system adopts a thorough evaluation procedure that adheres to international standards to determine how ‘Green’ a product is. The parameters that assess a product ensure that it is safe to the environmental elements, organisms and human beings. Material health, material re-usability, renewable energy and carbon management, stewardship and social fairness are some parameters derived from Cradle to Cradle certification’s standards.

This comprehensive approach encourages manufacturers to design a ‘Green Life Cycle’, which includes innovation, raw materials, manufacturing process, product stewardship, performance during usage and recycling or disposal. The certification helps validate the ‘Greenness’ of a product, backed by credible information about its features.

Green building materials, industrial products, technologies, consumer items and services are eligible for the GreenPro certification. Grenove is proud to have eight GreenPro certified sustainable solutions in its range. Our GreenPro range includes Adamant P, Rinse HW, Danex N, Danex Sanispray, Danex WC, Glass Expert Universal, Radopal and Sensy Antismoke Gentle. Transform your spaces with our sustainable solutions. Make your space Greener with Grenovation today!