Hotels, Restaurants & Corporates

Hotel stays bring back bitter-sweet memories to one’s mind. From the smallest lodges to the grandest hotel rooms, very few people who stay would say that they trust the hygienic value of the space. Sometimes, although the space looks bright and clean, the smallest specs of dirt or dust in the remotest corners could put off the guest. Added is the preconceived notion that a place of temporary stay cannot be expected to be very clean.

It isn’t enough to just make a place look clean. Especially in the case of hotels, a seemingly clean space must also feel clean in order to make guests comfortable.

Our aim is to help you create the refreshing experience your guests on leisure or business deserve. Complete with all housekeeping essentials and technological help one could ask for, Grenové’s sustainable solutions and mechanised cleaning range are equipped to help turn your space into the welcoming place that your guests cannot help but keep coming back to!