HMI BIO FORCE MCR – Malodour eliminator

MCR is an innovative bio-active formulation for elimination and treatment of malodors in household, industrial, institutional and commercial areas.

Quickly removes and efficiently controls all organic bad odors (animal odors, fish, rotting fruits, vegetables or any kind of food, tobacco, organic waste, manure, sweat, etc.), by actually elimination of their source.



areas of application: 

  • Household type odors (cooking, smoking, clothes, shoes, slippers, etc.).
  • Pet care (places pets occupy, pet urine, etc.).
  • Garbage collection areas, landfills, compost.
  • Public and private washrooms, cafes, pubs, tobacco shops, etc
  • Poultry, dairy production facilities.
  • Food processing facilities (meat, milk, etc. storage).
  • Flood and fire odors.
Eco friendly & biodegradable multipurpose degreaser