Maintain Hygiene And Disinfection

Treatment of waste waters from industries is an essential matter as far as environment protection is concerned.

Water treatment is of great importance to social health due to the fact that it provides clean drinking water by purifying waste water from the industry and everyday life, thereby maintain water healthy and harmless.

A problem of the present day in India is the problem of waste water from objects which are not connected to the central sewerage. The old septic tanks and water-permeable precipitators will be banned effective the beginning of 2010 and there will be new requirements for the draining of such water. They will be replaced by water-proof tanks in order to prevent from contaminating the environment and subterranean waters or by individual installations for degrading organic contaminations.

We offer, for all types of wastewaters, professional highly effective flocculants with high molecular mass for use in purifying installations and precipitators which show excellent results when separating hard materials from liquids at a wide spectrum of conditions which help Significantly for the clarification of water.

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The main goals of water treatment are:

  •   Removing organic contaminants.
  •   Removing and preventing from forming of non-organic precipitation.
  •   Maintenance and regulation of basic parameters of water depending on the type of its application

HMI Co., Ltd. provides the best solutions for all types of water treatment, thereby providing a wide range of highly effective biocides, acidic solvents for mineral precipitations and regulators. We offer you efficient activity even at the lowest levels of concentration which are harmless and allow the materials and surfaces which come into contact with the treated waters to be spared, through special corrosion inhibitors which are used in our preparations with care and responsibility to environment.