Powerful universal degreaser against the most stubborn soils.

  • Ready to use preparation with extraordinary quick action.
  • Eco friendly removal of stubborn stains, cleaning and degreasing of heavily soiled surfaces in kitchens, lavatories, garages, car services, institutions.
  • Decomposes in deep vegetable and animal fats, oils, petroleum products, resins, tars, soot, inks, soap deposits, food residuals, sticky substances and any stubborn and difficult to remove soils.
  • For cleaning of stoves, furnaces, grills, working tables and plates, woodwork, tiles, ceramics, sinks, baths and douches, utensils and tools, engines, motorcycles, cars, bikes and any water resistant surfaces; stubborn and difficult to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, clothes.


A  Danex Magico is biodegradable cleaning product this product  do not harmful for environment and human.this product powerful against dirt soft towards mother nature.

Eco friendly & biodegradable multipurpose degreaser