Grenove’s sustainable solutions for the flood-affected Kolhapur

From flooring to food, every surface and item turns into a potential health hazard in the aftermath of a flood. While relief camps may house the survivors, it is difficult to prevent disease outbreaks without the right measures.

Every surface becomes a capable breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. Frequent disinfection is a necessity in such situations.

Floods increase the risk of water-borne and vector-borne diseases. With parasites on the loose, the risk of infection also becomes higher. It is scary that diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, malaria, dengue and hepatitis A are not just common, but due to being contagious in nature, may result in an epidemic outbreak!

Chlorine infused with water is a commonly used disinfectant due to its ability to effectively disinfect surfaces by eliminating microorganisms. Further, hand and skin sanitizers help stay clean and reduce cross-contamination.

To aid the flood-affected in Sangli-Kolhapur, HMI Tabidez 56 (disinfecting Chlorine Tablets) and Gelasept (Gel-based hand & skin disinfectant) were donated by Grenove Services. We believe it is our responsibility to help fellow humans in distress. We pray for their well-being and hope that everything returns to normal soon.