The ‘Gren’next venture

‘Grenove’- has been at the forefront of creating sustainable cleaning solutions. Along with keeping the environment innocuously clean through environment-friendly ways; Grenove is known for its green initiatives. In a bid to compensate for the depleting natural resources, Girish Avhad, Director Grenove had joined hands with Mohari
Grampanchayat and Chanakya Charity Trust, Pune, on 19th July.

One crore seeds were showered on Mohari 

This unique event comprised bombing of one crore seeds through a special helicopter that’s specifically used for this purpose. This event was organised to commemorate the death anniversary of Shri. Navnath Avhad.

Mohari is blessed by a scenic mountain range expanding along the horizon. These seeds were sown from a distance of 9 kms on these mountains, adhering to the rules of the latest farming technology. Presently, this expanse is rain-blessed as it has experienced a good monsoon and therefore the time is most opportune for sowing seeds. These trees will be safe from the cattle and other animals since they would grow high up from the ground.

An endeavour to save and nurture the environment   

This place has suffered several attacks on the environment, a lot of trees have been demolished resulting into extended barren stretches and bare headed mountains devoid of any greenery. Such ventures are sure to counter these violent attacks on the environment, protect and nurture it.

Grenove- committed to nature

‘Grenove’ always strives to look beyond business and contribute to the environment in a truly substantial way. It firmly believes in the principle of peaceful and mutually rewarding co-existence. That’s precisely why it has a holistic philosophy that destroys the germs and microbes without harming the environment. Such endeavours as these emphatically affirm this conviction and help sow the seeds of a promising and verdant future.