Factories & Engineering Industries

The perfect production requires the perfect hygiene

Hygiene is of highest priority for all production processes by providing and guaranteeing the quality of the end product. In some branches of the industry such as the food industries hygienic treatment is of even higher importance should an end product is to exist at all; other industries use it to improve materials and components which increase significantly the quality of the end product. Therefore, by observing a high level of hygiene and disinfection significant costs and losses caused by low-quality production are optimized and evaded.

High hygiene responsibility provides the optimal and healthy environment for the workers and employees, which might in the long run; contribute to increasing their working capacity. And the healthy environment is the most important it concerns everyone you, your colleagues, partners, guests and visitors, clients and their clients.

Business Areas:

  •   Food Industry
  •   Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
  •   Textile Industry
  •   Engineering and Repair Activities