Cleanness in motion

Transport is undisputedly of great importance to the development of every economy. Every day a great number of passengers and loads are transported and the need to guarantee confidence, comfort, safety and the good commercial name of the transport company provokes the need to provide disinfection and good hygiene in this sector.

HMI Co., Ltd. is a well-established company with long years of experience as far as professional hygiene is concerned. What we offer aims to guarantee your confidence and comfort in the water, air, road and railroad transport. Our product range includes, other than high-quality cleaning preparations, disinfectants and products for protection which are harmless to the environment, programs and thorough solutions for prevention, restriction and liquidation of diseases. Our rich stock range of professional preparations for cleaning and disinfection of shared premises, surfaces in kitchenettes and equipment, sanitary faience and shared toilets, barriers at checkpoints is appreciated for:

  •   High level of effectiveness at minimum cost.
  •   Combined effect disinfection, cleaning, pleasant aroma.
  •   Wide spectrum of activity..
  •   Spare the treated surfaces.To guarantee your confidence, we will become your reliable partner!