Stainless steel cleaner and polisher – Inox

Perfect maintenance, Best Stainless steel cleaner and polisher. Ready tor use solution for maintenance, polishing and protection of surfaces of stainless steel, not in food contact, i.e. external surfaces of refrigerators, freezers, dish-washing machines, lifts, doors, trolleys etc. Stainless steel surface cleaner and polishes, forming a bright protective film, which are:

  • Protects the surfaces from subsequent soils
  • Makes them resistant to water
  • Prevents the appearance of fingerprints
  • Significantly facilitates the subsequent cleanings
  • Appropriate for surfaces made of chromium, aluminum, nickel and brass.



For professional use! Identification number of the product Code of HMI: 180

Spray the product on a dry towel and spread evenly over the surface. Remove the excess product without polishing again. For daily maintenance use the product only over the contaminated areas of the stainless steel surfaces.

In the presence of strong contamination’s you should clean the surface beforehand with a strong detergent, then rinse with clean water