HMI PEROSTER CE – Medical instruments Cleaner

High-level disinfection powdered concentrate/medical device chemical sterilant. Highly effective and ecological, phosphates freeACTIVE AGENTS: Sodium percarbonate; N, N,-ethylenebis [N-acetylacetamide] (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine).SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITY: bactericidal, incl. tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal.
Areas of application
Cleaning and high level disinfection of medical instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, heat-sensitive equipment, anesthetic apparatuses, equipment, apparature, internal and external incubator surfaces.HMI® PEROSTER CE is a high level disinfectant if used in 5 minutes action time and a medical device chemical sterilant if it is used in 15 minutes action time.Does not attack stainless steel, caoutchouc, plastic, plexiglas etc.