HMI RADOPAL – Alcohol Based Floor Cleaner

Neutral concentrate with strong sanitizing activity for manual or machine use.

Flawless effect with one treatment only. Cleans and polishes to brilliant shine all types of hard surfaces like ceramic wall and floor tiles, facing plates, artificial materials, lacquered surfaces, stone floors, glass, enamel, marble and water resistant coatings. Particularly applicable for sensitive surfaces. Doesn’t need rinsing or drying.

  • Dries quickly, doesn’t leave traces.
  • Adds shining brilliance to the polished and mirror surfaces.
  • Low foaming, appropriate for machine cleaning.
  • Cost-effective. Concentration of the use solution: 0,5–2% (5–20 ml/L water).

Packagings: 5 kg container,   1 L bottle with integrated dosing cup


Direction of use

For general cleaning and daily maintenance of all types of hard floorings with HMI  RADOPAL, you should prepare a working solution at a concentration of 1:200 to 1:50 (0,5-2%), depending on the contamination. Apply with a sprayer, manually by mop or hand towel, or machine cleaning. Surfaces and objects are treated once, without rinsing and repeated wiping.

Method 1: Manually.

Depending on the level of contamination, make a solution dosing 5-20ml HMI RADOPAL per IL water in a bucket. Wet a rag, sponge or mop in the solution and then dean.