High window and wall washing has become a simpler task with i-suit, which reduces 50% of the physical strain involved. It prevents shoulder injuries and back pain, thereby making the task effective. Since the backpack and the lance that constitute the device help lift the washing pole from the middle, the weight is centred and allows free movement.

Pairing i-wash and i-suit with the i-suit glasses helps view the target areas without having to constantly look up. Adding the high-pressure washer accessory to the lance also helps wash stained high walls and windows.

Eliminating a ladder and cleaning with your feet on the floor makes cleaning safer and up to three times faster.



Washing windows without the struggle

 i-suit glasses 

We created glasses that borrow the elements of  belay glasses: the first product for safety and security. This allows you to concentrate, and have a great  overall vision of your work area.


High-pressure washers 

Easily clean stained walls & windows with  a high-pressure washer with this accessory to your i-suit lance. Use our rubber sleeves to fit in different pole sizes ranging from Ø 27, Ø 32 and Ø 38 mm.

Backpack & lance

 All of the weight is centered and lifted from the middle, and allows you free movement, less strain and better visibility of your target areas. 

Fast on the job

Working with the telescopic pole in combination with the i-suit, allows you to work three times as fast. No more carrying and constantly replacing a ladder to reach the spots you want to clean.



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