Revolutionary, flexible and powerful 

Complete with a telescopic pole, adjustable head and a 360 degree free-motion, the i-scrub is ideal to tidy up hard-to-reach surfaces. The vibration of the oscillating disc ensures extraordinary scrubbing and polishing to perfection. Its orbital movement avoids imbalance and durability of the surfaces. The oscillations keep the liquid beneath the brushes, hence optimizing the usage of every drop of water and chemical to conserve them. The quick action of the brushes also considerably reduces the cleaning time.



Small effort. Big impact.

360 degrees of motion

Double disc action with the flexibility to  even scrub areas in a vertical position.  Equipped with an adjustable head & 360°  of free-range motion. With a powerful engine  that achieves 400 RPM using two discs,  it’s a brilliant machine that allows the user  to scrub any surface with extreme power.  

Centralized controls

The in height adjustable telescopic wand is easily controlled at the grip.  All of your actions, switches and  controls are within the reach of  your fingertips. 

Add Your Heading Save time with mechanical scrubbing

You can manually dose your solution with the  push of a button. Easily convert your machine  into a handheld unit for polishing, powered by  Li-ion battery technology for the same power.

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i-scrub 21B​


3.2 kg
Size (l x w x h)

15 x 25 x 92 ~ 113 cm

Power source

i-power 7 battery*
Running time Li-ion

150 minutes
Charging time Li-ion

210 minutes
Brush speed

400 RPM
Scrub area

21 cm

i-scrub 30EM B​


Scrub floors, carpets
Brush speed (orbital movement)

1650 RPM
Effective area of operation

30 cm ø
Size machine (l x w x h)

27 x 23 x 120 cm

12.6 kg
Material machine

Zinc-alloy, Steel & Plastic
Motor power

250 W

i-scrub 26H​

Weight of product

0.32 kg
Size (l x w x h)

260 x 100 x 90 mm
Material machine



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