i-scrub 26H

A revolutionary light in the dark

The microfiber hand range cleaner with integrated LED or black light will make sure the job gets done. Complete with patented soft-edge  technology which allows the user to clean round areas. Need to reach high-up places? Just switch the handle for a telescopic tube, and you are good to go! You are 50% faster then with a regular micro fibre cloth and more ergonomic handling for your operator.



Advanced soft edge technology

Integrated black or LED light

Make everything spotless in your
washrooms by pre-examining your
work with the choice between an
integrated black or LED light
inside of the handle. Make the
unvisable visable.

Rubber grips

A handy rubber grip will make
your task a lot easier, and will notscratch, damage or cramp your most important instrument: your hands.
Red, green an yellow grip available!

Microfibre pads

Premium pads with mesh backing with Trio split technology. Solid color exclusive microfiber material. Used for low to heavy soil levels and all other applications.

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Soft edge technology

Patented soft edge technology which allows the microfiber pads to clean round areas such as sinks and other curved materials.

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i-scrub 21B​


3.2 kg
Size (l x w x h)

15 x 25 x 92 ~ 113 cm

Power source

i-power 7 battery*
Running time Li-ion

150 minutes
Charging time Li-ion

210 minutes
Brush speed

400 RPM
Scrub area

21 cm

i-scrub 30EM B​


Scrub floors, carpets
Brush speed (orbital movement)

1650 RPM
Effective area of operation

30 cm ø
Size machine (l x w x h)

27 x 23 x 120 cm

12.6 kg
Material machine

Zinc-alloy, Steel & Plastic
Motor power

250 W

i-scrub 26H​


     Weight of product

0.32 kg
Size (l x w x h)

260 x 100 x 90 mm
Material machine



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