i-mop XL – Full size scrubber dryer with the flexibility of a flat mop

Speed, precision & design

The i-mop XL represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning and maintenance operations while saving you time and money. As a heavy duty auto scrubber, the i-mop will clean floors faster, easier and with better results than you can achieve with traditional wet-mopping. With a 46 cm scrub deck the i-mop XL can be used for small to medium spaces.

Product Specification

  • Practical performance: 1000 – 1300 m2 per hour
  • Brush speed: 350 RPM
  • Brush pressure: 22.5 kg
  • Operation width: 46 cm
  • Size machine (l x w x h): 50 x 38 x 120 cm
  • Power source: 2 i-power 9 batteries
  • Run time: 60 – 70 minutes



Revolutionary ,flexible and powerful

Changing the way you think about cleaning

The i-mop makes it possible to clean any surface, with freedom of movement and great ease of use. No borders or boundaries. This machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner.

scrub & dry with extreme mobility

 Our eco-mode allows you to save additional water when only a  little is needed and also protects your water sensitive floors  against overexposure.

Flexible and fast!

Fill, refill and empty the machine easily.  No longer bound to installed filling  stations, get your water from a sink in a pinch. Switching between chemicals in a matter of seconds by clicking on a different solution tank. You will be surprised by how water efficient the i-mop is. Good things do come in smaller packages.

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