The clean-in-place walk-off mat is an excellent product that vastly improves floor safety, extends durability and makes cleaning easy. Unlike other mats that need to be moved to clean, i-matt, stuck in place by a proprietary adhesive, can be cleaned in place to protect floors better. The i-mop cleans right over its light, quick-drying surface, which unlike regular rubber mats, keeps the area dry. The i-matt is a game-changer because it prevents slip hazards and forever rids you of the hassles involved in cleaning heavy, dirty, carpeted mats.



The i-team Floor Safety System represents a holistic approach to floor safety.

i-matt’s super-thin absorbent material captures water and spreads it out so the mat dries fast, keeping floors dry and safe.

Capture dirt at the door!

Entrance mats are the standard line of defense at the front door. But the International Sanitary Supply Association estimates only 30% of dirt is trapped in the first 91cm of the standard entrance mat. With i-matt, you can create continuous walk-off coverage that keeps floors clean.


Wet, unsafe flooring can cause the slip, trip and fall accidents that make up 20% of over-three-day injuries in the UK every year.


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