The device completely dissolves gum from surfaces at a rapid speed of 6 seconds, to leave no remains of it. The backpack gives its operator complete freedom of movement to clean the most intricate corners. The device works with no water or power. It uses a pre-diluted, sugar beet-based pH neutral detergent to clean residual gum, thereby eliminating harmful chemical fumes.

The design lets the device be carried as a trolley or a backpack. With no cables, hoses or wet surfaces, the device eliminates the risk of trips, slips and electrocution.

Product Specification :

  • Weight excl. batteries : 9.4 kg
  • Size body (l x w x h) : 34.7 x 33 x 50 cm
  • Size with lance (l x w x h) : 34.7 x 33 x 113 cm
  • Tank capacity : 2.5 L
  • Max. temperature : 104 °C
  • Power source / battery type : i-power 14 battery
  • Battery spec : 25.2 V 14 Ah
  • Charger type : Off-board
  • Charger : 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Material : Lldpe, Rotomoulded, Abs / pc / pp injected/ blow moulded, Alu & carbon
  • Runtime : 40 minutes on 1 i-power 14 battery
  • i-gum fluid consumption : +/- 2 liters per hour



6 seconds is all it takes

The i-gum apparatus only needs  6 seconds to eliminate any  unwanted sticky materials  (chewing gum / stickers / lining glue). Increase your efficiency and start cutting down on waiting hours.

Battery powered or  fuelled by gas canisters? 

Choose between an i-power battery powered i-gum machine, or a gas canister fuelled machine. 


Centralized controls 

Centralized controls are located in the head of the machine. All of your actions, switches and controls are within the reach of your fingertips. 

No matter which surface 

Hardwood, soft floors, tarmac, doors, cabinets, plywood, concrete or steel. The i-gum operates at  maximum capacity, and removes sticky residue anywhere  and everywhere. 



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