HMI BIO REFAT -Domestic Sewage Treatment

Ready to use bio product, designed for biological decomposition of organic substances,proteins ,cellulose and starch,also animal ,vegetables and mineral oil.
  The product contains mixture of natural viable bacterial cultures, non-pathogenic, and     appropriate hydrolytic bio-enzymes. Control the odors before and during treatment. Activates     the conversion of ammonia and inhibit odors from compounds contained in the food waste.     Reduces foam above the surface with more than 75% and the sludge level on the bottom with   more than 40% for about a month.

Areas of application

  •  Inhibition of odors.
  •  Blocks the formation of foam
  •  Reduce the COD and BOD levels
  •  Reduce the amount of organic compounds
  •  Completely natural product, acids and alkali free.
  •  Accelerates the degradation and prevents the accumulation of fat
  •  Reduce the amount of coli-forms pathogenic species

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