CETRIDINE RD -Disinfection & Cleaning of All Washable Surfaces

Cleaning and disinfection of shared surfaces and sanitary faience 

Corrosion inhibitor which provides protection against corrosion during disinfection and cleaning of metal surfaces and medical instruments is also included.


  • Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in premises with increased risk of infections: operation rooms (operation tables, tables for surgical instruments and other medical consumables and materials, operation lamps, etc.); intensive care units; haemodialysis wards; blood transfusion centers; neonatal and pediatric wards; Tbc wards, manipulation, bandaging rooms etc. (couches, hospital beds, mattresses with washable surfaces, boards etc.).
  • Cleaning and disinfection of external surfaces of medical apparatuses (echographs, x-ray equipment, electrocardiographs, functional diagnostics equipment, physiotherapeutic equipment, etc.);
  • The preparation is also applicable for cleaning and disinfection of washable surfaces in hospitals, social establishments (kindergartens and nurseries), sanatoria, hotels and institutional buildings, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, catering establishments.
  • For cleaning and disinfection of all types of washable surfaces (walls, floors, sinks, tubs, toilets, sanitary faience, etc.), items in the common medical and dental practices.