Food industry

Safe and healthy food and healthy society

The safe and healthy food is of great importance to social health. Our aspiration to increase the confidence in safe foods and drinks, which is realized through reliable and precise procedures for providing safety of foods and through hygiene monitoring, thereby guaranteeing a high quality for clients and a significant added value for their householders from the catering sector.

In addition to that, the increased attention on the part of controlling authorities on the processes and regulations, such as HACCP (risk analysis and critical control points), reflects the entire significance of safety of foods and is a motive power for the distribution of food safety and the programs related to it from the entire sector.

This requires sustaining a high level of cleanness and hygiene and we are prepared to react at any time to the needs of our clients by offering them consultations, developing HACCP programs which comply with the specifics of the preparation and serving of foods and drinks technology and most of all through the timely delivery of the most suitable cleaning and disinfecting agents from a specially developed range of products intended for the catering sector.