Company Profile

Grenove started its operation under Seyash Group of companies which has more than 25 years of experience in successfully running diversified business operations.

Seyash Group has their presence in Automobile Industry, Financial Services, and Infrastructure Development. Seyash Group contributes positively towards corporate social responsibilities. The group runs a school to provide quality education for children in rural areas and also runs a charitable trust to help and support the rural development.

Grenove is a leading eco friendly cleaning products supplier in India.Grenove has introduced 4th generation, eco-friendly, micro-biological and bio-degradable professional cleaning, sanitation and disinfection products range from Hygiene Medical Industry, Bulgaria.HMI is market leader with more than 49% market share in Europe. Grenove is the operational partner for HMI in Indian sub-continent and middle-east.

Grenove also provide solution for floor cleaner ,hand disinfection foam , glass polish,hard floor cleaning -outdoor floor cleaner ,toilet cleaner,bathroom cleaner,grout cleaner,carpet steam cleaner, kitchen degreaser,heavy duty degreaser ,kitchen floor cleaner,grease trap,drain cleaner,drain unblocker,blocked drains cleaner ,air freshener ,bad odor remover ,industrial cutting oil, metal cutting oil,Industrial hand wash and many more.

Our Vision
To Enhance & promote Environmental and human health by providing Quality certified Green Products & solutions

Our Mission
Grenove Strive to be a world Leader by providing a platform for Eco-friendly solutions which improves standard of livings through creating awareness amongst people towards the environment.

Core Values

  • Innovation:  At Grenove we are committed towards innovative eco-friendly products & solutions.
  •  Care: At Grenove we care for people & Healthy Environment for present and future generations.
  • Transparent: At Grenove we strive to maintain cordial atmosphere within the organization.
  • Dedication: At Grenove we show pride,enthusiasm & dedication in everything we do.
  • Respect: At Grenove we respect all individuals and value their contribution towards environment.